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The shelter functions only on donations.
To help specific animal or animals please transfer money to organization bank account. 



Stray animal shelter was established in 2003. The shelter was founded due to extremely difficult conditions of stray animals in Georgia. Cleaning service of Tbilisi City Hall was responsible for dealing with stray animals. The responsibility was later transferred to infrastructure service. No shelter or humane program of controlling stray animal population was in place. The mentioned services and their contractors were directly eliminating stray animals using inhumane methods, which in addition to being cruel, were inefficient in regulating stray animal population. With the aim to deal with the situation a non-commercial legal entity – NGO Georgia Society for the Protection and Safety of Animals was established. Animal shelter became structural unit of the organization.

Mainly traumatized stray animals are received in the shelter. Throughout these years more than 1500 animals has passed through the shelter (dogs and cats). Veterinary service and care was provided. The majority of the animals was afterwards adopted by caring owners. The shelter also provides for veterinary service and vaccination of animals.ც

GSPSAHealthy and rehabilitated animals from the shelter are passed for adoption or returned to the place of living. The fate of animals is further monitored. Many lost and kicked out animals found their asylum in the shelter. Some of them were returned to owners, others – if owners could not be identified – were passed for adoption by the members of the organization.




The shelter was renovated in 2013 with the aid of Brigitte Bardot Foundation.

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Renovated shelter. Please, see the photos on Facebook.

At present the shelter has office, quarantine area, dog enclosures, veterinary cabinet, animal cleaning area, walking area (open terrace), etc.

GSPSA frequently published information on shelter animals for adoption. Please, see the list of animals for adoption on this link.

Animals for Adoption

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GSPSA started sterilization program with the aid of Brigitte Bardot Foundation in 201-2013.

Additional information:

Géorgie... Urgence stérilisation !

GSPSA – Stray Dog Sterilization Program


The shelter proceeded to work on rehabilitation, veterinary service and adoption of traumatized stray animals in 2014-2015. Throughout the recent year more than 100 stray animals have been received in the shelter. Some of them were transferred from Tbilisi Municipal Shelter to facilitate care, veterinary service and rehabilitation after surgery.

From 2018 distance adoption program has started in the shelter. It implies adoption at a distance of a shelter animal selected by a distant adopter and he/she becomes official owner “at a distance”.

Unfortunately, due to low public awareness of majority of the population, nihilistic attitude towards stray animals and difficult socio-economic conditions of the population, financial contributions for the shelter are very scarce. Donations do not exceed 5-10 % of the required expenses. Management of the organization works on several projects to increase the income so that the shelter fully functions. At present the shelter is helped by members of GSPSA and other kind people.

Application form for helping the shelter

Financial aid – if you wish to donate, you can transfer amount to the official banking accounts of GSPSA or use other methods of transfer.

The shelter functions only on donations.
To help specific animal or animals please transfer money to organization bank account. 


Official Facebook page of GSPSA:





Let’s be kind! Please, help GSPSA shelter animals! Please, care for them and find good owners and adopters for them!


GSPSA Dog Shelter
GSPSA Dog Shelter

According to the decision of the administration board of Georgian Society for the Protection and Safety of Animals, based on financial conditions and overpopulation in the shelter, receiving animals is limited. Only traumatized animals can be received as an exception. The management of the shelter will continue receiving animals only after resolution of the above listed issues.

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