Animal Intake and Adoption Policy


Animals are adopted from GSPSA shelter only if an individual fills in the application form.  Management decides on each perspective owner individually proceeding from the personality of the animal. The shelter management signs an agreement with the future pet owner. Pet owner takes on obligation to fulfil all terms and conditions of the agreement. If the agreement terms are violated, GSPSA can return the animal to the shelter and request indemnification from the owner. The owner is obliged to care for the animal and systematically provide the shelter management information on the animal. Prior to animal adoption GSPSA (authorized representative of the organization) is entitled to visit and check living conditions (along with the area allocated for the animal) of the future owner with the consent of the latter and decide on adoption based on these conditions.

Individuals wishing to adopt a pet should fill in the digital application for animal adoption. After filling in and sending the form GSPSA reviews and decides on the application within three calendar days.

Animal Adoption Application

Animals shall not be adopted by:

  1. Minors (individuals under 16 years of age) without written consent of parents or legal guardian;
  2. Individuals who surrendered animals to shelters due to various reasons;
  3. Individuals who lost their pets due to inattentiveness and lack of care;
  4. Individuals who do not have the needed living conditions and material means to care for the animal;
  5. Individuals who should not adopt pets due to other objective reasons.
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