Will Australia solve Problem by killing 10,000 camels?

The main reason given in the article for killing 10,000 camels is that they emit greenhouse gas equal to those of 400k car exhausts and that camels consume large quantities of water.

Let’s consider the following…

GSPSAs comment:

1. 67% of water in Australia is spent on agriculture.
2. 43% of water is consumed for pastures and hay products that farm animals need to produce meat and milk.
3. Only 10% of water is consumed to grow vegetables, fruits and other plants that the entire Australian population needs to consume.

Here 15,000 litres of water are consumed to produce 1 kilo of meat and 1000 litres of water for 1 litre of milk.

Wouldn’t closing some animal farms save more water then this nonsense?

On greenhouse gas emissions and carbon dioxide, the camel has been portrayed as a world enemy, emitting a lot of carbon dioxide. However, no one mentions the car manufactures or the oil industry!

Animal farms are responsible for 18% of greenhouse gas emissions, which is greater than the total emissions of all vehicles.

We can believe in this idea with little rational steps that can bring about big changes, but is this a bit of idiocy?

A small part of society is interested only in what actions lead to the rise of planet temperatures, fires, climate change. The Earth stands as the sixth mass extinction animal species.

Specifically, Australian fires have killed more than 1 billion animals since September, killing 1/3 of the koala population, made their species on the list of endangered animals.

No matter how surprising you are, these problems are much more globally solved in terms of what we choose for dinner each day, what we eat, where it come from, and in what ways.

How rational are we to use earth’s resources as humans ?!

Reducing the consumption of meat and dairy products can have real, root-bound consequences for solving the problem, which is factual and scientifically proven.

Yes, camels are thirsty! There is a car wash with water on them!

Suggesting that camels are the enemy of the world and that killing them off would solve the problem of global warming is nothing more than ridiculous nonsense.


Conclusion: Humans are the most intelligent and at the same time the most stupid animals ever walked on this planet!

Information source: Independent.co.uk

Comment by GSPSA