Barnaba – Mixed, male

Breed – Mixed
Name – Barnaba
Gender – Male
Date of birth– 01. 2018.
Character:Loving, funny, friendly
Couse of being in the shelter:Urgent veterinary service was necessary

Health condition: healthy, Vaccinated

Location: Mtskheta – GSPSA’s supervision over temporary family shelter  (Foster carer – Paata Kordzadze)

Adoption conditions: Only the best care conditions are allowed. Dog is used to living in the yard.

Barnaba’s story:

On February 2018, there was a story that spread on social media about dogs that had skin disease and were living in the street. During the cold snowy month, two-month-old Barnaba with his two sisters and mother. All three puppies had a severe form of skin disease. Unfortunately, one puppy died. Luckily, Barnaba and Nuki survived. Barnaba’s  is very loving and grateful, and now lives with the GSPSA’s member foster rescuer – Paata Kordzadze.


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