BELKA-mongrel, female

Date of birth–

Character: gentle, funny, problem-free, faithful, smart

Health Condition: Healthy( has  three legs)


Adobt condition:only guarantee superior conditions for care.The dog is accustomed to live outside, preferably with the house and yard. 

Dog information (history)  see below

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Belka,when she was received in our shelter

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The place where Belka was discovered

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Belka – Sex: Female, Date of birth: April, 2015. Breed: Mongrel.On July 14, 2015  GSPSA – Animal Shelters recived a puppy about 3 months old. The puppy was found in Marneuli. She had damaged front leg. Kind people transported puppy in Tbilisi, where she has provided with veterinary services and lost the leg. Belka has been moved to the GSPSA shelter for rehabilitation

Belka is very good girl.She is a warm, smooth and faithful.

Unfortunately nobody wants to adopt this puppy in Georgia . If someone adopts this three-legged puppy, really welcome. Perhaps Belka and other three-legged (also a four-legged) animals will stay in the shelter whole their life.

If you wish to adopt a pet, please, read through Animal adoption policy and fill in Pet adoption requisition form.

If you have any reason and can’t adopt a dog, you have the unique chance to get involved in the program of Guardian from a Distance Guardian from Distance.

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