Brigitte Bardot Foundation supporting GSPSA in a sterilization programme

In July 2012, the Georgian Society for Protection and Safety of Animals addressed the Brigitte Bardot Foundation for assistance in a program of vaccination and sterilization of stray animals (cats and dogs). Brigitte Bardot Foundation expressed readiness to participate in this program.

In September 20012 the sum of 11 000 euros was granted to GSPSA organization. It is to be spent in the following way :

9 000 euros will be spent on rebuilding the animal shelter and arranging the vet clinic at the GSPSA. In order to perform the vaccination and sterilization process, GSPSA has to reorganize the present infrastructure. Four main spaces at the GSPSA shelter will be used for the program : Bathing room, Quarantine room, Veterinary room and Post-operation room.

2 000 euros will be spent for sterilization of 60 dogs (including medications and surgery instruments). This sum will make possible to treat the stray dogs from the moment they are taken to the shelter up to the time they are set free. The whole process will be reported and the report will be sent to the donor organization. The sterilization program will start in 2013.

No salary is included in this grant and GSPSA members continue to volunteer in this work.

Brigitte Bardot Foundation took a major part in the managing of stray animals population of Tbilisi : an open letter written by Brigitte Bardot to the Tbilisi City Hall in November of 2011, then in May 2012 an article dedicated to Georgia in the organization journal. Since that time several meetings were held between GSPSA members and Tbilisi City Hall emergency office. A memorandum will be signed soon and vet trainings will be organized.

The contribution made by Brigitte Bardot Foundation is the most important stage in the process of managing the population of stray animals in the City. It proves that non-governmental organizations are able to settle the problems that have existed in Georgia during years.

GSPSA’s chairwoman, Adeline SANG, and the organization’s entire team warmly thank Brigitte Bardot Foundation for its great contribution and assistance in this program.


Thank you letter from GSPSA’s chairwoman to Brigitte Bardot.