BUKA-Pitbull, Male


Gender –
Male  (neuter)
Date of birth–

Character: gentle,problem-free,  smart

Reasons for receiving a shelter: he was deprived of the owner, with his mother and siblings. For breaking the rules of animal care.
Date of receiving animal in the shelter:   
Recent information on health:  
Healthy, neuter, Vaccinated. (17.02.2018)

Status: has got the guardian from distance
Adopt condition: only guarantee superior conditions for care. The dog is accustomed to living outside, preferably with the house and yard.


Dog information (history)  see below

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dsc01355 dsc01866

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dsc01866 100_1697

In 2007 we found out about dogfighter. He had a pit bull and her puppies in unbearable conditions. Buka was one of these puppies. We took them to the shelter. Buka has been adopted 2 times but he could not put well to the owner. He is healthy, vaccinated and ready for adoption

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