Carrefoura, Mix breed, Female

Breed – Mix breed
Name – Karfura
Sex – Female
Date of birth – 2016
Character:  Gentle, problem-free, faithful
Reason for bringing to the shelter: Found abandoned, sick, and in a very vulnerable situation with various diseases
Receiving Date:
Health condition: Healthy (Final improvement 13.04.2020)
Status: Homeless, Ready for adoption

Adoption condition: Only guarantee superior conditions for care. The dog is accustomed to living outside, preferably with the house and yard.


Story of Carfura:

“Carfura” (the dog) has lived in front of the Carrefour, East Point, for years. He was not loved by the locals as well as the local dogs. He was taken several times by the “Animal Monitoring Agency” in the municipal shelter due to severe injuries, which were maybe caused by humans. In the fall of 2020, Carrefour was hit by a car on the right front paw, which caused a fracture of the right front paw. Due to trauma and a pandemic situation, he was unable to move and obtain food. Because “Carfura” was officially registered under the name of the GSPSA, cared for, and provided veterinary service, the GSPSA moved the dog to its “Traumatized Dog House”.

GSPSA’s “Injured Dog House” provided “Caarfura” with a period of full recovery and rehabilitation. As of today, the dog is completely healthy.


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