CHAPA – mongrel, female

Breed – Mongrel
Name – Chappa
Sex– Female (spayed)
Date of birth -2014
Identification – 900085000268929
Character: gentle, funny, problem-free, faithful, smart, very happy when she has relationship with people

Health Condition: Has damaged both rear legs Adobt condition:only guarantee superior conditions for care, only to live in the apartment
Date of receiving animal in the shelter:  12/08/2017

Dog information (history) see below




Two months before Chappa had been taken into the shelter, she was hit by a car that has unfortunately ran over her feet. The injury has been serious. However, with the proper veterinary services, Chappa has managed to get up and walk again. During this period, she has been in fostering.

Chappa has been returned to the street, but her condition still worsened because of the aforementioned injury (foot did not have a blood circulation) the fingers in the back of the limbs have been damaged during her walking, which could have resulted in the infection and the deterioration of her health.

Due to these problems, Chapa has been taken back to the shelter. Shelter veterinarian is being treated her. Once the damaged tissue is restored, massages will begin to correctly correct the legs. In case of recovery, Chappa will return to the street, but the organization will try to get her a better owner.



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