Dogs Sadistically Murdered within Tbilisi Area






A citizen accidentally discovered 10 killed dogs and four living puppies thrown out near Didgori road within Tbilisi municipality on June 1, 2017.

The witness, Mr. A. A. published photos and information on his Facebook page, where he says that he found 10 dead dogs and 4 living puppies at the edge of village Digomi. He called Tbilisi City Service and Patrol Police (the information is available from 112).

The photos were taken by witness on June 1, 2017.




At present GSPSA tries to maximally gather information from Animal Monitoring Agency of Tbilisi Citi Hall and the witness.

GSPSA believes that this cruelty was done by owner(s) of the dogs or through their direct order. The majority of the dogs seem purely bred. A reasonable doubt comes to mind that these dogs guarded sheep or cattle farm and then the owner got rid of them and threw them away as litter. GSPSA is almost sure that the cruelty occurred to all of the dogs at the same time and was committed by group of people, as the number of animals reaches 10.

GSPSA also thinks that this horrible act will lack attention and investigation will be ceased by respective bodies, the criminals will not be identified and no criminal case will be started. This doubt is proved by the fact that police did not conduct identification of the dead dogs, did not send carcasses to respective bodies (laboratory, veterinary clinic, etc.) for expertise and identification of the cause of death. Carcasses were transported by Animal Monitoring Agency to Baker pit, where the carcasses were treated and destroyed. As a result, no expert conclusion on the cause of death may be elaborated. The causes could have been: poisoning of dogs, physical abuse, use of guns, use of other weapons, deprivation of food and water, etc.

According to Animal Monitoring Agency, surviving 4 puppies will be transferred to the municipal shelter.

GSPSA pleads general public to send any relevant information on these dogs to: Confidentiality will be facilitated.

GSPSA will appeal to the Main Prosecutor’s office of Georgia and ask to take this case under control.

GSPSA strongly urges law enforcing bodies to conduct objective investigation and find the criminals.