“Zoomart” and GSPSA charity program – “Donate food to an Animal Shelter!”

From 5th of March 2017, “Georgian Society for Protection and Safety of Animals” (GSPSA) in cooperation with “Smart Distribution” Ltd.  has decided to implement charity program called “Donate food to an Animal Shelter!”. The purpose of the program is to provide food for shelter and stray animals. This program will launch in the central “Zoomart” shop (Address: 6 Givi Kartozia Street, Tbilisi) and will cover other pet shops within “Zoomart” network, step by step.

Anyone is welcome to participate in this charity program.

What do you need to do?

  • Visit “Zoomart” petshop;
  • Consultant will help you to choose products for the shelter, prices of which have been specially adjusted for the charity purposes;
  • You will leave purchased items at the shop on a specially designed shelf.


Purchased products will be delivered to “Georgian Society for Protection and Safety of Animals” (GSPSA), in order to provide food for the shelter and stray animals.

Homeless animal shelters operate on donations from individuals and legal entities. Helping shelters with food is one of the main source for their livelihood.


Purpose of the program:  improve quality of life for shelter, homeless and stray animals.
Aid subject:  food, donations, bowls, collars etc.

Program implementation area: “Zoomart pet shop network (Address: 6 Givi Kartozia Street, Tbilisi)

During the program: anyone, with the desire to help, will be able to purchase any product in the store in order to help animal shelters and leave the item in a specially designed area. The customer can donate anonymously, as well as by providing his/her contact information.

Periodically, based on the official act, “Zoomart” will deliver GSPSA purchased products. GSPSA committee, within their competence, will decide upon the distribution of these products, which will be aimed at shelters and stray animals.

It is planned to expand the area of the program in the future.

“Zoomart” and Georgian Society for Protection and Safety of Animals (GSPSA) are thankful for your participation and donations!


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