Kind Contribution to GSPSA and Gori Stray Animal Shelter

Foreigners and Georgians periodically help the shelter of Georgian Society for the Protection and Safety of Animals. Animal defenders – Patricia Maja Andersen and Laura Marie Volpert Momme contacted GSPSA in the beginning of October. GSPSA shelter received medicine and pet food from them.

Patricia also provided purpose specific help to Gori Stray Animal Shelter based on GSPSA recommendation. Gori Stray Animal Shelter deals with complex problems and requires various types of assistance and support.

As kind ladies promised, GSPSA will receive various support and contribution for shelter and stray animals.

GSPSA would like to say huge thank you to the ladies!

Contribution to Gori Shelter

Additional information on Gori Stray Animal Shelter:

Facebook – ქ. გორის მუნიციპალიტეტის მერიის მიუსფარ ცხოველთა თავშესაფარის გვერდი