A Community Dog Was Shot in Tbilisi


On May 4, 2016 Georgian Society for the Protection and Safety of Animals was called to aid a community dog in micro-rayon 2 of Tbilisi Nutsubidze Plateau residential area. The dog returned to the territory traumatized and covered in blood. GSPSA rescue group arrived on place in several minutes. The forelimbs of the dog were damaged, blood was dripping from the left leg and it was swollen. GSPSA presumed that the leg was broken and urgently transferred the animal to veterinary clinic Aibo, where x-ray was taken. It was revealed that the dog was shot with pellet bullets – they were present all over forelegs and chest area (veterinary report on severe dog trauma). As GSPSA chairman and veterinarians think, the dog was shot approximately at 11:00 a.m. from a close distance using a firearm.

It is noteworthy that the dog lives in micro-rayon 2 of Nutsubidze Plateu, has a caretaker (earmark #01743), is neutered and vaccinated with very nice and joyful character. The dog is approximately 1.5 years old. The remodeled ears prove that the dog was kicked from home while a puppy. The dog is not aggressive. Hence, the individual who shot the dog is dangerous to the society and it is reasonable to presume that he/she will commit other crimes.

GSPSA chairman notified patrol police and animal monitoring agency. District police detectives were also present. GSPSA chairman officially submitted x-ray digital version to the investigation units.

GSPSA chairman requested the state authorities to open a criminal case on the fact and identify the criminal.

The dog is transferred to the animal shelter of the Georgian Society for the Protection and Safety of Animals. Veterinary care will be provided. After rehabilitation and arresting the criminal, the dog will be returned to the community area.

The fact again proves high level of animal cruelty in Georgia and low level of awareness of the majority of the population.

GSPSA will do its best to make state bodies investigate the fact and arrest the criminal.