ELIZABETH – mongrel, female

Breed – Mongrel
Name –Elisabeth
Gender – Female (spayed)
Date of birth–2011

Character: gentle, funny, problem-free, faithful, smart

Reasons for receiving a shelter: trauma
Date of receiving animal in the shelter: 
Recent information on health: 
healthy, spayed, Vaccinated. (15.02.2018)

Status: homeless
Adobt condition: only guarantee superior conditions for care. The dog is accustomed to live outside, preferably with the house


Dog information (history) see below:



Elisabeth is a very meek, affectionate and loving dog. She was found when she was a puppy in the streets of Kutaisi in 2011. She was injured and was sent to GSPSA for the medical treatment and for the shelter there. After the convalescence she found herself at home at the GSPA shelter. She was lucky as she was adopted by a kind owner. Nevertheless, an unfortunate event has struck for her owner passed away and the inheritor owner refused to Elisabeth’s ownership. Therefore, she was returned back to the hospital.

Elisabeth is still waiting for her beloved owner, but she does not know that she will never encounter him again. Become Elisabeth’s owner and she will be your most faithful friend and do not doom her for spending the rest of her life at the shelter.


photos – 2019






Elizabeth and her owner’s fotos



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