Engu – mongrel, male

Breed – Mixed breeddsc_0075
Name – Engu
Sex – Male
Date of birth – 2016

Character:  gentle, funny, problem-free, faithful, has protective properties
Health Condition: Healthy( has three legs)

Adobtion condition: Only guarantee superior conditions for care. The dog is accustomed to living outside, preferably with the house and yard.



Engu was received to the shelter on August 30. 2016 . The information about the dog was published via social networks.Engu had lived in the street 300 km away from Tbilisi before. One of his rear had been leg cut. It had probably happened by a car crash, or there is a possibility that it had been an act of cruelty. Some kind people had transported the dog to Tbilisi and was taken to the shelter. There he was provided with veterinary services and treatments. Engu has three legs, but he easily walks, runs and plays. He has a strong and protective character.

If you adopt Engu, he will become your best friend.

Engu is in the shelter rehabilitation center for the given period





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