Fate of animals in Georgia

Thursday January 22nd, 2009

Ivanishvili Marina – The member of GSPSA


Never and never.. I can not request you be lover of animals... Nobody compels to love someone or something . . . but, eh, what a lack of love in the World, is not it?


Be lover of humanity, homeland, art, culture, nature, animal - especial ability, that gifted from God. But . . . They are scaring people that rabies and leishmaniasis are spreading. But instead of helping people, the law has been changed and now people have to pay for rabies injections. It is the single case in the World. Is it interesting, if someone died of hydrophobia who is the guilty dog or the Ministry of health? Reasonably, the social and economic crisis of population is directed to animals.

In Georgia, animals are treated like garbage. For some people they are free raw materials. For others - they are objects of sadistic amusement. And all this is happening because in the country, which strives to integrate into the European, western, democratic, civilized space, there is not even appropriate legislation to protect animals. So - kill, torture as much as you wish, because you will be pardoned and forgiven.

The fate of animals is always decided by those who hate animals. And the thoughts of those people who love animals are not considered. It's this kind been practiced and recognized worldwide for solving this problem. And these methods, do not cost the society any more (financially or mentally) than…. you know what…. of mentality! What can you do?! And the animals are being killed. In very sever conditions, with a lot of torture. But, nature replies to violence with violence. Because of the incorrect predatory eco-politics, we are facing up to an ecological catastrophe. The more you kill, the more are born.

It is necessary to use humane methods to balance the ecosystem. But the system is in the hands of greedy ignorant people. The nature will punish exactly those people. Violence creates violence. Don't you feel that Georgia is filled with aggressive energy? The torment and pain of either people or animals, is left in this world as a negative, aggressive, heavy energy, which will endow us one day. Does this suit anyone?

I can only entreat God to save this country from the reinforced cruelty and I am asking the servants of God, the ones whose words approach the souls of people better than anyone else's words, to allocate their words of mercy and to preach about animals who are always by our side and they are really struggling at the moment. They have been created by God too.

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