Foster carers

Foster rescuer –  Paata Kordzadze

Paata Kordzade has been a member of the GSPSA – “Georgian Society for the Protection and Safety of Animals” since 2018 (GSPSA’s Deputy Chairman).

In Paata Kordzadze’s family, their intensive care for animals started in 2013. From this time, Paata and his wife began to take care of dogs from Tbilisi and Bukia garden. They protected them, built houses for dogs in that area, and ensured their veterinary service. They also created page on social media in Facebook called “Bukia Park Doggies.” The page is very popular.


After that, Paata Kodzadze made a decision live in the town Mtskheta, to help homeless animals who needed assistance and rehabilitation. They started a foster home for these dogs. Today they’re living in Mtskheta nature reserve with their surviving dogs peacefully. Since 2013, about 200 homeless animals have lived there and have found their forever families.


Paata and his families foster care for dogs created a Facebook page “Labradora”.

For this activity, Paata and his family are providing necessary expenses with their personal income. Since 2018, “Georgian Society for the Protection and Safety of Animals” has helped them with programs, medicines, food and other necessary means.

From the beginning of 2019 “GSPSA” has started taking care for this foster animals and now they are covered under the organization rules. Living animals are registered  in the GSPSA’s registry. The organization made a decision that since June 1, 2019 Paata Kordzade’s foster animals will be involved in the program “program Guardian from a distance”.

Information about foster pets. 

If you wish to adopt a pet, please, read through Animal adoption policy and fill in Pet adoption requisition form.

If you have various cause and can’t adopt a dog, you have unique chance to get involved in the program of Guardian from Distance.

The shelter functions only on donations.
You can indicate purpose of the donation: “For foster caring pets”

For the purpose of assistance you can transfer money to the bank account of the organization: