Guardian from distance

If you have various cause and can’t adopt a dog, you have unique chance to get involved in the program of Guardian from Distance. This program considers to become Guardian from Distance for a dog that will be selected from the shelter of GSPSA, that means to become an official Guardian from Distance of a specific dog. In this case the dog indwell in the shelter and you provide every month donation according to the stated amount of the organization.

Guardian from Distance is obliged to provide  aproximate expenses every month that is connected with upkeep and welfare of a dog.

Any physical and juridical human living  in Georgia or abroad may become Guardian from Distance.  Guardian from Distance selects a dog from the shelter and pays every month payment according to the provisions of a contract concluded with the organization (the organization has aproximate expenses of upkeep and welfare of animals that foresee size, psyche, state of health, vet. service and etc. of animal).

The period of fulfilment of Guardian from Distance program:

  • some months (not less 6 months)
  • some years
  • all existence period of a dog in the shelter till its adoption or decease.

Guardian from Distance has a right to adopt this dog and take it from the shelter. An animal will be adopted only in the case if Guardian from Distance and the shelter make mutual decision to offer it to specific person.

What is necessary to get involved in this program and become Guardian from Distance?

  • Your desire
  • Selecting a dog from the shelter, published on the web site
  • sending a form of request to the organization
  • concluding a contract with the organization
  • Providing every month payment according to the provisions of a contract, concluded with the organization.

After satisfying the requirements, you become Guardian from Distance.

GSPSA is obliged:

  • to report detail information about a dog  by mail, or other social networks, including photo and video materials of a dog.
  • sending the certificate of Guardian from Distance
  • carrying out the requirements of the contract

Contact details of coordinators of Guardian from Distance:

DIGU – Dansk Indsamling til Gadehunde i Udlandet – The Danish people for supporting of stray animals

Laura Marie Volpert Momme  –

GSPSA – Irma Telia
Program  Manager

+995 557 923 910

Become Guardian from Distance! It  is the begining of  fortunate days in your life.

If you have desire to get involved in the program of Georgian Society for the Protection and Safety of Animals and become Guardian from Distance for a dog from the shelter and ready to provide all necessary expenses for animals, please fill the form and send us.


application form

Agreement on Remote Adoption – (standard form)

List of animals in the shelter and monthly donation – form 1

According of the latest data, in the shelter lives 51 dogs.
The last data in the shelter 51 The animal has a “remote owner”. 0 while the animal is waiting for adoption or “remote owner”.


The shelter animals who don’t have a remote owner
(Click on the selected photo to get detailed information about the animal)


Nowadays all residents have remote owners in the shelter.

If you have desire to be a remote owner, please send mail on following address: As soon as a new dog will come to the shelter our manager will contact you.


Animals who have a remote owner: