Harry (English Setter, Male) – Organization Is Seeking for Paid Foster Family for the Dog

Attention! The dog is not for adoption. Organization is searching for paid foster family.

For foster terms and conditions please, contact GSPSA.

Breed – English Setter
Name – Harry (Belka)
Sex – Male (Castrated)
Identification – Microchip
Characteristics – Calm, quiet, obedient, loyal

Health – acquired epilepsy due to head trauma

Adoption conditions – can be adopted only if fully recovered

Harry was transferred to GSPSA shelter from Tbilisi Municipal Shelter in February, 2015. He arrived at Municipal Shelter from the streets, he was traumatized and in very bad condition. Presumably, he has had a head trauma due to gunshot. The dog was moved to GSPSA traumatized animal shelter for rehabilitation. Harry could walk and became a fully functional dog in a couple of months.

Harry was adopted in July, 2015. After about a year he started having epileptic seizures. Due to the seizures the dog was again transferred to GSPSA shelter on May 4, 2017.

Harry requires permanent attention, care, medical service and special conditions. Shelter is not suitable for epileptic dog. As a result, GSPSA decided to find a paid foster family for the dog. Respective financing is required (in form of donations).

You can help Harry:

You can transfer amounts to help Harry to GSPSA bank account:

Currency: GEL, EUR or USD
Account With Institution: Bank of Georgia
Account: GE94BG0000000166248000

You may indicate purpose for your transfer – To help Harry.


Harry photos. May, 2017



Harry photos. February, 2015 (when he was brought to GSPSA shelter)

Shelter functions only on donations. To help specific animal or all animals, please, transfer to GSPSA bank account:

You may indicate purpose for your transfer.


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