Jesi – Labrador Retriver, Female

Breed – Labrador Retriver
Name– Jesy
Gender – female
Date of birth–2006
Character:  Calm, smart, laugh.

Reason for receiving at the shelter:injury,as the result of a car collision

Date of acceptance at the shelter: 05/10/2018

Status: homeless, 12 years she lived on the street

Health condition:the dog has cataracts, difficulty breathing, and tumors in the abdominal cavity.

Adopt condition: only guarantee superior conditions for care.

You can help Jesy. You can indicate purpose of the donation .


Video, when the accident happened


At the evening of October 5, the car hit a dog near by territory of Akhmeteli metro station in Tbilisi. The driver disappeared .The dog was fall in ნervous stress.After first aid the dog was calmed down.
After veterinary examination was established: a dog has a bruising body due to mechanical crash,the back foot is damaged.The dog also has cataracts, difficulty breathing, and tumors in the abdominal cavity.
GSPSA has already made a decision to leave the dog in the shelter forever, because she is old and it is difficult for her to live on the street.

“Jesse” has a very good character, she is clever,grateful and easily adapts to other animals and people.



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If you have various cause and can’t adopt a dog, you have unique chance to get involved in the program of Guardian from Distance.

The shelter functions only on donations.
You can indicate purpose of the donation.

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