JILDA – setter, female



Date of birth–
2016, February

Character: gentle, funny, problem-free, faithful, smart

Health Condition: Jilda’s (the dog) spine was damaged, but was able to walk again after receiving necessary massage and exercise. Nerve in her front left leg is damaged, therefore she needs to get a prosthesis. She does not have any other health issues.

Adopt condition:only guarantee superior conditions for care.The dog is accustomed to live outside, preferably with the house and yard.Necessary to have a dog or a cat friend.




On June 4, 2016, the GSPSA shelter received setter, 4 months old puppy. She was found abandoned on the Tbilisi highway by a person. Her health condition was the worst, with a leg injury and weakness caused by trauma. This puppy was probably thrown out by the owner because the puppy had problem on oneleg of and had a trace of a needle, indicating veterinary services. After founding her she was taken to the vet to start neccesary treatments.

Jilda had a broken spine as well as a nerve, so she couldn’t stand on the feets. According to veterinary study, she could never walk. Fortunately, Jilda started using her feets four months later, which is a great tribute to asylum seeker and filmmaker Irina Semenovas. She trained and massaged the puppy for 4 months, which gave her the desired result.

The GSPSA searched for a prize and manufactured a removable lug (prosthesis) abroad.

Jilda will be adopted only guarantee superior conditions for care.

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When we received Jilda in our shelter

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VIDEO N1 -Jilda’s exercise (this time she was not able to stand on her feet independently)

VIDEO N2 – After 4 months Jilda is able to walk – 11.11.2016

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