Qartuli – mongrel, male

Breed – Mongel
Name– Qartuli
Gender – Male
Date of birth –2015
Identification number-268098100004087
Character: Calm, smart, laugh. Reason for receiving at the shelter:injury,preparing to adopted abroad
Date of acceptance at the shelter: 28/10/2018
Status: homeless, was lived on the street in Kutaisi
Health condition: The time of receiving in the shelter – 31.10.2018. As a result of X-ray examination, in the dog’s body was found very large number of bullets from a firearm.Ultrasound echoscopy examination show internal organs changes end also has blood changes. The dog has a scar on his back. This scar is supposed to be caused by scalding the dog with boiling water.

Adobt conditions: Preparing to adopted abroad.

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The dog was named “Qartuli” by the tourist spouses, who visited Georgia in September. They saw the dog in Kutaisi,who was very affectionate with them. Spouses promised to the dog to take him at their home, “Qartuli” became very special to them. To this end, they contacted us, requested to find a dog, take him to our shelter and carry out all procedures for his departure abroad. GSPSA members the dog , brought from Kutaisi to Tbilisi and received in the shelter.



Upon receiving the shelter, the veterinary surveillance was carried out and the following was established:

  • The dog has a big scar on the back, which is caused by scalding the dog with boiling water.
  • In the body of the dog is a very large number of bullets from a firearm
  • Ultrasound echoscopy examination show internal organs and blood changes, that require a special diet and treatment


At this stage the dog’s treatment is beginning and he is preparing to departure for abroad.

“Qartuli” is very clever, tender and cheerful dog. He already has a “distant owner”. After his recovery and going through appropriate procedures, he will travel to Switzerland, where very kind people and two dogs will be waiting for him.


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