Kupata – mongrel, female

Name–Kupata II
ID: eartag _00411
Date of birth–2011

Character: gentle,problem-free, very happy when she has relationship with people

Reasons for receiving a shelter:  Traumatized by car accident
Date of receiving animal in the shelter:  27.06.2017
Recent information on health: healthy, spayed, Vaccinated. (15.02.2018)

Status: homeless
Adopt condition: only guarantee superior conditions for care.


Dog information (history) see below

Kupata II is in GSPSA shelter since June 27, 2017. We think that she is presumably the daughter of Kupata, a former resident of the GSPSA shelter and the “Bukia Park doggies”. She is calm and harmless. Kupata will adopted only guarantee superior conditions for care


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