MIRA - mongrel, female

Monday October 31st, 2016


Breed - Mongrel
Name - Mira
Sex - Female (spayed)
Date of birth - 2013

Character: gentle, funny, problem-free, faithful, smart, very happy when she has relationship with people

Health Condition: Healthy( has  three legs)

Adobt condition:only guarantee superior conditions for care, only to live in the apartment

Mira in the shelter.Dog information (history)  see below

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Mira - Sex: Female (spayed). Date of birth: 2013. Breed: Mongrel. One day of summer 2014, Elhan Bagirov noticed the injured dog from the train window. Elhan is from Baku, Azerbaijan. He was leaving Georgia. Elhan found out about our organisation and he asked help for the dog. The next day Animal Monitoring Agency of Tbilisi and members of GSPSA team went and found the dog at the railway station. The dog was beaten and left there without any food or water for several days. Three legs were broken. Only skin was holding one of the legs. Mira has been moved to Tbilisi City Hall's Shelter and got proper vet service. She was there for 2 months. On 29 august, 2014 Mira moved to GSPSA shelter. She has rehabilitated and feels good even with 3 legs. She is ready for adoption but no one wants her. So we'll take care of her no mater what.

Mira near the railway station beaten and traumatized

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Mira in city hall's shelter veterinary clinic (first aid)

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If you want to adopt an animal, please read the adoption rules and fill out the application form.

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