GSPSA Mission

  • The establishment of the maximum possible dynamic parity of the man-animal relationship in Georgia and the Caucasus. The humanisation of such relationships, the analysis and evaluation of the conditions, factors and results of such co-habitation. The protection and preservation of biological diversity in the animal world.
  • The facilitation of the solution of issues relating to animal protection and safety in Georgia and the Caucasus region. The improvement of public opinion and mentality in this sphere. The analysis and evaluation of humanitarian, ecological, social, psychological, biological, sanitary and hygienic factors and their effects.
  • The study and popularisation of international standards of harmonised relationship between man and animal worlds. The translation, publishing and distribution of literature, video and other relevant materials. In parallel to the above, the coverage, detailed analysis and database filing of processes and events taking place in the field in Georgia and the Caucasus. The organisation and delivery of seminars, conferences, trainings and other public educational activities. The creation and distribution of video, TV and other multimedia productions. The full-fledged study of existing problems and the establishment of scientific methods to their solution.
  • The development of recommendations for state and public organisations interested and/or involved in the field.
  • The establishment of public control over the processes concerned with the formation of the uniform social environment of domestic and wild animals and the general public, and are targeted at the overall humanisation of the social medium. The participation in the development of relevant educational basis and the delivery of educational-agitation activities.
  • The acquisition of relevant information from the state and government organisations. The monitoring of their activities in the field, within the existing international and Georgian legal frameworks.
  • The establishment of links and partnerships with Society counterpart organisations in and outside of Georgia, including the delivery of joint projects, analytical printed matters and television programmes.
  • In delivering its goals and objectives, GSPSA in its activities cooperates with Georgian and foreign organisations, both governmental and non-government.
  • The education and training of highly skilled staff for the protection and safety of animals.
  • The study and adoption of progressive international experience and expertise in the field of animal protection and safety management. Commitment to innovation.
  • The provision of the protection and safety of animals in the event of natural disaster, technological accidents, catastrophes and hostilities, and their aftermath.
  • For the purposes of the protection and safety of animals, the provision of ecological monitoring and public control of water storages and other sanitary zones, as well as towns and other populated areas.
  • The principal combat against all sorts of violent act towards stray dogs, cats and other domestic animals, using all lawful methods available.
  • For the purposes of the protection and safety of animals, GSPSA shall use all lawful methods to challenge all individuals and government officials, who commit (or give others and order to commit) an act of violence (torture, animal fighting, physical destruction etc) towards animals. For this purpose, GSPSA shall cooperate with law enforcement agencies.
  • The set-up and operation of international standard-compliant shelters for stray dogs, cats and other domestic animals in populated areas, including the training and employment of qualified personnel, for the purposes of animal safety, care and rehabilitation.
  • For the purposes of the protection and safety of animals, the provision of ecological monitoring over the disposal of industrial chemical and biological waste.
  • In accordance with the existing legislation, the creation and administration of funds for the facilitation of processes and projects in the animal protection and safety field.
  • For the purposes of the protection and safety of animals, the provision of public monitoring of the activities of biological, chemical and other accredited scientific laboratories.
  • The support in the development of relevant legislative initiatives and legislative base as a result of innovation in the field of animal protection and safety.
  • The raising of funds in Georgia and overseas for the purposes of animal protection and safety and the involvement of wider publics into the Society’s charitable work.
  • The cooperation with the international veterinary and pharmaceutical firms and centres working in the field of animal protection. The purchasing and procurement of medication and veterinary facilities.
  • The cooperation with international humanitarian organisations and participation in exchange programmes.
  • The provision of qualified personnel for the Society’s vet-ambulance vehicles.
  • The support and public control over the animal vaccination by the relevant state structures.


© 2023 GSPSA
Voluntarily created by GSPSA member Irakli Geleishvili
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