Pango – mongrel, male

Breed – Mongel
Name – Pango
Gender – Male
Date of birth – January 2018
Character: Calm, smart,meeker, loving

The reason for receiving at the shelter – fracture of the spine,paresis of the back limbs, as a result of mechanical damage

Date of acceptance at the shelter: 19.11.2018

Status: homeless

Health condition – injured, disabled.

Adobt condition – only guarantee superior conditions for care




On November 19, 2018, we received an injured dog in our shelter. The injury was caused by mechanical hitting (car accident, or was hit by a blunt object). The X-ray examination found that the spine was fractured in the middle, the central nerve was damaged and there was a full paresis of the back limbs too. If the dog’s pain would not go away, the decision would have been made about euthanasia. But in several days the pain was gone, which is rare in the case of such damage. GSPSA management has decided to shelter the dog. Despite that the care of that kind of dogs in the shelter is a great deal of work, the shelter management has taken responsibility for maintaining this dog’s life.

The dog’s name is “Pango”. Now he is a resident of the shelter´s office, where he lives and plays with other disabled dogs. Pango will be adopted only guarantee superior conditions for care

Video- Pango at first was meet the other disabled dogs of our shelter


Pango – the first day in the shelter



Pango – dog shelter – 25.11.2018



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