The Petition of GSPSA to the Municipality of Tbilisi

Save the stray animals!

We want to draw your attention to the desperate situation of the stray animals in Georgia. Despite the intensive campaigns against the problem, that Tbilisi city municipality conducts for the last few years, the problem is not resolved; on the contrary, it becomes even worse every day as the methods applied are no way adequate: the lack of corresponding legislative basis, professionalism, and elementary humane attitude makes the fight against the problem the fight against the animals themselves. As a result, tens (if not hundreds) of stray animals are brutally killed every day in Tbilisi.

We, the citizens of our country, consider it our duty to require our city municipality, to apply internationally adopted humane methods for resolving this problem: take into attention the recommendations of WSPSA, PETA, and other world-known organizations that try to convince the Georgian officials that mass killing of the animals has the opposite effect, only results in drastic increase of their population. Mass vaccination, sterilization, neutering, and finding potential owners for the animals, conducted in a shelter-house and supported by corresponding legislative basis must be the first steps taken for solving this problem effectively.

Stop mass killing of stray animals and apply effective, humane, professionally proven methods towards this problem!


We signed the “Save the Homeless Animals of Georgia!” petition!