Puppies of traumatized mom for urgent adoption!

Puppies are mixed breed (i.e. no specific breed). They were born on June 2. They can be taken away from mom and adopted from June 28. Puppies are healthy. There are 5 males and 3 females.

Please, bear in mind that mother-dog is traumatized, as a result of car crash her spine is injured (see details below). So she cannot stand and has great difficulty in caring for the puppies. Hence, we need to find loving families for the little ones as soon as possible. Mom and her puppies are in GSPSA shelter now and receive maximal possible care and attention.

For those who desire to adopt a puppy, please, read through Animal adoption policy and fill in Pet adoption requisition form and send it over to us.


By adopting a puppy you will also help the traumatized mom!



You can help the shelter and stray animals by transferring money to the following bank account:

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Account With Institution: Bank of Georgia
Account: GE94BG0000000166248000

The shelter functions only on donations. To help specific animal or animals please transfer money to organization bank account. You can indicate purpose of the donation. http://gspsa.org.ge/donate/

If you wish to adopt a pet, please, read through Animal adoption policy and fill in Pet adoption requisition form.

Contact: http://gspsa.org.ge/contact/



Information on mother dog and puppies:

Children discovered a traumatized dog on a highway in Tbilisi on June 8, 2017. The children called GSPSA hotline. As it seemed, the dog was hit and run by a car. GSPSA calmed and examined the dog on spot. Serious injuries and traumas were apparently visible.

After visual examination it became clear that the dog had puppies, but their location was unknown. The children living in the neighborhood searched the territory, which is quite large. A dog – friend of the traumatized dog – led the children to a slope with a hole. The hole was about 2 m deep.





Puppies were heard from outside. However, the puppies could not be reached. Animal Monitoring Group was called. They managed to take the puppies out using special tools.


GSPSA members transported the dog to veterinary clinic, where X-Rays were taken. X-Ray revealed serious injury to the middle section of the spine. The dog is not able to stand.

8 puppies approximately 16 days of age were discovered in the hole. Traumatized dog and her puppies were transferred to GSPSA shelter. Mother dog calmed down. She was administered cared as prescribed by veterinarian. Trauma is very serious. No prognosis can be made. X-Ray also showed that there are several bullets shot some time ago in the dog.




GSPSA thanks veterinary clinic AIBO, Animal Monitoring Agency and the lady and children who saw the dog and later discovered the puppies!