Roy – mongrel, male

Breed – Mixed breed
Name – Roy
Gender – Male
Date of birth – 2016

Character: Faithful, smart, kind

Reasons for receiving a shelter: Paresis of the back limbs, that was caused by a bullet on his back.
Date of receiving the animal in the shelter: 11/04/2018
Recent information on health: Back limbs paresis, there is chances to recover, walks on 2 front paws, very energetic.

Status: Homeless
Adopt condition: Only guarantee superior conditions for care, after rahabilitation.







Dog information (history) see below:

Photos of the dog entering the shelter – 17/03/2018


On April 11, 2018, GSPSA shelter recived injured dog. The dog has a paresis of the back limbs, that was caused by a bullet on his back. This was another example of cruelty.

Rey needs long lasting exercises. In case of full recovery, he will be granted caretaker owner, otherwise he will live in GSPSA injured animal shelter.

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