Ruska – mongrel, female

Breed – Mongrel
Name – Ruska
Gender – Female (spayed)
ID: 276093400384556
Date of birth – 05.2017

Character: faithful, smart, kind

Reasons for receiving a shelter: amputated leg after the trauma.
Date of receiving animal in the shelter:  
Recent information on health: Healthy, spayed, amputated leg after the trauma.  (17.02.2018)

Status: homeless
Adopt condition: only guarantee superior conditions for care.


Dog information (history) see below:

On September 25, 2017 GSPSA received a notification regarding a puppy that suffered injuries as a result of hit and run accident. Russian tourists removed the puppy from the road and contacted GSPSA, who transported the puppy to Tbilisi. X-ray diagnostics revealed damage to anterior leg and a broken hip bone requiring surgical intervention. There were some other damages observed as well, bite marks in the head area that were starting to infect.
On September 29, 2017 the puppy underwent a surgery; unfortunately, due to a heavy damage to the hip bone rear leg had to be amputated.
Currently puppy is at GSPSA shelter undergoing rehabilitation. After regaining health, the puppy will be put up for adoption.


Photos- February, 2018


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