Traumatized Setter in GSPSA Shelter

13433200_974496195999082_2800808245938461689_oA Setter female puppy, 4 months of age, was received in GSPSA Shelter on June 4, 2016. The puppy was found on Tbilisi highway – she was thrown away. She was in grave condition, her leg traumatized and she was very weak due to lack of food. The puppy was left by an owner, because on one leg she has coat shaved off and trace of syringe is visible – all of these prove veterinary service. So the owner brought the puppy to the veterinarian and then threw her away on the highway. Municipal Service conducted laboratory survey. Yesterday the puppy returned to GSPSA shelter. Her leg is traumatized (visible on X ray). Unfortunately, due to damage to the nerve, the leg should be amputated. She cannot walk now. Veterinary service and strengthening process is under way. We do our best to rescue the puppy. We named her Gilda.

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