Vano – pointer , male

 Breed – pointer
Name – Vano
Gender – Male
Date of birth – 2017

Character: faithful, smart, kind

Reasons for receiving a shelter: injured
Date of receiving the animal in the shelter: 17/03/2018
Recent information on health: injured

Status: homeless
Adopt condition: only guarantee superior conditions for care, after rahabilitation

Character: faithful, smart, kind


Dog information (history) see below:


Photos of the dog entering the shelter – 01.10.2018





Photos of the dog entering the shelter – 17/03/2018



The organization received information about injured dog from Vani . The person who saw a traumatized dog in the street was fostering him and asked for a dog’s help. Because In Vani there is no veterinary clinic, GSPSA organisation provided him with shelter.

On 19th of March, a dog was taken in a veterinary clinic where he underwent an X-ray examination. The fracture of the right hip was determined and bruising the front of the lung. Due to the damage of the thigh bone, the dog can’t undergo surgery as it needs time to heal.

GSPSA thanks to the “Veterinary Clinic Aibos” for unselfish and professional services and the all kind people who have help this dog.



Information about his health will provide you periodically.


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