Zarbazana – male, stray

Breed – stray
Gender – male
Date of birth – 2018 (estimated)

Character: Meek, quiet, unproblematic

Purpose for adopting injured dogs:
Severe spinal injury as a result of a car crash, paralysis of the hind limbs
Date of receipt: 16 June, 2021
State of health: permanent crippling, absolute paresis of the hind limbs, spinal injury
Status: in ownership of GSPSA

Conditions of adopting: adoption will be only with the guarantee of the highest care conditions.


Zarbazana’s history:

“Zarbazana” – this name was given to him by a very kind person living in a region near Tbilisi – Mr. Soso. Zarbazana lived on the street, got used to Soso and saw him as his owner. But in June 2021, a car crashed into Zarbazana and the car did not stop to help the dog. He crawled to his caretaker and asked for help. Mr. Soso is blind and couldn’t care for an injured dog.

The dog was examined on the spot by the GSPSA, but since it was determined that the dog had a spinal injury that caused paresis of the hind limbs, leaving it on the street would result to death and Zarbazana was taken to the GSPSA “Traumatized Dog House” organization as a permanent resident.

Zarbazana will never be able to use his hind limbs, it will not be possible to operate on him, he will not be able to run or go outside and he will be crippling for the rest of his life.

Zarbazana is a very meek, smart and loving dog. It easily adapts to other animals and humans. He has already chosen his friend at GSPSA and wants to be with them constantly.

Zarbazana waits for a remote owner (Guardian from Distance) to have someone to take care of him.


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