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10 April 2024
News  |  Animal Village News
Our animals need your help urgently!
11 March 2024
TV - Mtavari Arkhi - 10.03.2024
7 March 2024
"საქართველოს ცხოველთა დაცვისა და გადარჩენის საზოგადოება"-მ შენიშვნებით და წინადადებებით მიმართა საქართველოს პარლამენტს კანონის პროექტის "შინაურ ბინადარ ცხოველების შესახებ" დაკავშირებით
19 January 2024
A shot was fired in the direction of GSPSA’s chairman, Teimuraz Tsikoridze
16 November 2023
Pupils from Buckswood School visit Richie Animal Village
13 October 2023
Animal Village News  |  News
Representatives of Hilton Garden Inn visited animal village "Richi"
13 October 2023
Lucky Dog Hotel Opening
5 July 2023
TV Story by PosTV / Dgis Posti - A TV story by Nanuka Merlani (07.06.2023)
16 May 2023
Media  |  News
TV Story by 1TV / 1TVPLAY - A Dream That Came True (08.05.2023)
23 February 2023
Animal Village “Richi” was founded by GSPSA
26 December 2022
TV Story by Mtavari Channel / Post Factum - Animal Rights in Georgia (25.12.2022)
28 November 2022
TV Story by Rustavi 2 / PS - Changes to be made in the law (27-11-2022)
25 November 2022
TV Story by Mtavari Arkhi / Post Factum (2022)
23 November 2022
Georgian Society for the Protection and Safety of Animals – GSPSA Comments on draft law on “Domestic Resident Animals”
12 June 2022
Georgian-American High School students and teacher Visit GSPSA Animal Village as part of Charity Program
11 March 2022
Support for Ukraine
8 August 2021
Animal transports in Europe
22 July 2021
Joint protest of GSPSA and PETA in front of the Millennium Hotel Biltmore in Tbilisi against Iditarod - July 18, 2021
5 July 2021
Announcements  |  News
Announcement: Millennium Hotel Biltmore in Tbilisi to Face PETA Protest together with the GSPSA Over Iditarod Ties - Tbilisi, Georgia. July 18, 2021
17 June 2021
Funding for Programs  |  Projects and Programs  |  News
Project Proposal - Multifunctional Complex for Animals
15 June 2021
TV Silk Universal - 13.06.2021
14 June 2021
Demand a healthy and compassionate food system - #FOODREVOLUTION
22 April 2021
News  |  Cruelty to Animals
The stray dog was shot several times from a firearm
18 April 2021
Joint cherity program by “Zoomart” and GSPSA #adoptfromashelter continues
11 March 2021
The program "Together for the Stray Animals" was successfully completed
25 February 2021
Bear in Georgia  |  News
GSPSA has decided to provide financial assistance to the 'Zoological Centre' for the survival and well-being of Bear Cubs.
27 January 2021
Activities  |  Projects and Programs  |  News
GSPSA's charity program "Help the Strays" continues in 2021
12 January 2021
Projects and Programs  |  News
Charity Program "Together for the Stray Animals"
10 December 2020
Interesting Stories  |  News
(ქართული) 10 დეკემბერი - ცხოველთა უფლებების საერთაშორისო დღე
18 November 2020
Horrific footage of animal cruelty in Tbilisi
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