Animal Intake Policy


Animals are taken into the shelter based on decision of the shelter management and with the permit of a veterinarian. Special form is opened for each dog and information is placed in GSPSA digital database. The shelter takes in:

  1. Stray animals with injuries requiring emergency assistance;
  2. Victims of abuse with physical or psychological traumas requiring emergency assistance;
  3. Puppies without caretakers, when their lives are in danger and they require humane treatment;
  4. Lost dogs requiring care and redemption/finding new owner;
  5. Dogs that lost their owners (the owner died or is reported missing) and require care;
  6. Animals requiring care and veterinary assistance due to various reasons;
  7. Other cases when shelter management decides to take in an animal.

Due to challenging financial circumstances and excessive number of shelter inhabitants, in November 2015 the Board of the Georgian Society for the Protection and Safety of Animals took a decision to limit accepting new animals to the shelter. The shelter leadership will resume taking in injured stray animals only after the abovementioned issues are solved.

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