A Surgeon killed a sleeping stray dog with with a few shots

Tuesday July 21st, 2020

On July 17, 2020, Alexander Khetaguri, a surgeon at Gormedi Ltd, 4/3 Tamar Mepe Street, Gori, shot a sleeping dog twice with his own firearm, which he deliberately pulled out of the house, causing the dog to die on the spot.

The surgeon of the mentioned "Gormedi" threatened to kill the animals with his firearm from the day of moving to this apartment, and on July 17 he fulfilled this promise.
To the question - "Why did he kill the dog" his answer is that he was in a state of affect.

The mentioned violation is punishable under the  Article 259 of the Criminal Code, the Ministry of Internal Affairs has already interrogated the accused.

The incident in the community, animal rights activists caused a great deal of protest.

A petition was also created to punish the perpetrator.

We all know that the syndrome of impunity for cases of cruelty to animals has been established in the country.
It is necessary to establish the practice of prosecuting the offender based on his actions. This particular petition is not only aimed at the welfare of animals, but also at the protection of humans automatically, since a doctor, a person who can not control himself and kills a sleeping harmless creature with a few shots, can be dangerous to patients as well.

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