On 26th of February 2010, Tbilisi City Hall announced one more new tender offer on catching-isolation of stray animals and public purchase of so-called veterinary service

Wednesday March 3rd, 2010

On the 26th of February 2010, Tbilisi City Hall announced one more new tender offer on catching-isolation of waif animals and public purchase of so-called veterinary service, which has officially put up in the City Hall web-site. Object of purchase is: humane catching-isolation of 34100 waifs and strays animals (dog, cat) in Tbilisi and veterinary supervision. Compulsory term of service includes the period up to December 31, 2011 after making the agreement.

Presumable cost of the object of purchase amounts to 1 140 00 GEL.

“Georgian Society for the Protection and Safety of Animals” – GSPSA, has not informed yet how many animals is going to be killed by Tbilisi City Hall under the above tender, but believes that the number of animals to be killed, like technical commission of a tender announced before, will not less than 80% to compare with the number of animals to be caught. Such proportion has been fixed in technical commissions of previous tenders and unfortunately, maybe City Hall doesn’t violate the inadmissible and unjustified traditional action in the recent case too. It is remarkable that at this stage, under the present tender offer, Tbilisi City Hall announced to be caught 34 100 animals that is less with thousand of unit to compare with the previous tender. It is interesting and surprising where this figure - 34 1000 has been received from? We’re sure that there is no response to the above issue.

According to presumable cost – 1140000 (million 140 thousand) GEL of the object of purchase, cost of service (catching-isolation-killing) for one animal, amounts to 33 Lari and 43 Tetri. The City Hall prefers to spend millions from the budget for years and centuries, to kill animals, to breed stray dogs and cats in the town due to incorrect program and enrich criminals, working in the dog-killing organization and owners of this organization. It’s a pity, that despite great effort of “Georgian Society for the Protection and Safety of Animals” to be adopted the decision on “the rule of control of domestic animals’ populations” by Tbilisi Sakrebulo, working to this decision is not under way and wishes and official applications of protectors of animals, stays ignored up to the present day. The decision should for the first time and evidently include regulation of the control of stray animals’ population under humane rules, which means admissibility of regulation of animals’ population under civilized and humane rules only, as utilization of hormonal medications, possibilities of sterilization (Castration) and so on, which is humane, admissible and causes reduction of reproduction and population control. Due to failure of this decision, Tbilisi City Hall announces tenders and makes agreements with dog-killing firms on killing of animals, though there is no talk about killing of healthy animals in any laws of Georgia and any other legal acts as well. Accordingly, the City Hall acts illegally. It is remarkable as well, that Tbilisi City Hall builds a shelter for stray animals, but unfortunately, due to circumstances, this will be the object of killing of animals only. “Georgian Society for the Protection and Safety of Animals” worries about the cascade of the above tender offer against arrangement the problem of stray animals and asked for municipality to discuss the issue under elemental civilized and humane way, where the rights of human beings and animals, offers and recommendations of local and international organizations as well will be taken into consideration. The above tender offer is directed against permanent killing of animals and not public purchases for veterinary service, which is inadmissible and is in contrast with international civilized rule and norm. Killing under civilized rule by painless method is possible only those animals, which suffer from any disease, or create danger to people’s health that is appreciated by strict criteria and in this case, humane method of killing adopted at the international level, is used. But today, catching of animals under the brutal methods of “Bolkvadze” and the similar special machines and their transportation to slaughter-house under inadmissible methods still continues. Animals are killed by brutal and inadmissible methods.

“Georgian Society for the Protection and Safety of Animals” will find documentation in connection with the above tender in a short period and will give maximal official information to society.

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