GSPSA's shelter three legged dog traveled to America.

Tuesday June 4th, 2019

GSPSA's shelter three legged dog traveled to the USA on 3 June.

Ariana Yolanda Ruiz has arrived in Georgia on January 2019 with the exchange program of "SDSU Georgia" . For her it was difficult to stay away from relatives in a foreign country because she was used to living with her family animals. The solution was found soon when she searched via internet  animal protection organizations and selected GSPSA.

Arianna get involved in GSPSA's volunteering program, she also joined animal adoption events, was also foster carer for abandoned kittens and survived their life. Then, with the help of the organization, she found forever homes for them.

Arianna was visiting GSPSA's shelter twice a week and was walking with dogs. She had very special connection with all dogs. For Arianna watching traumatized dogs who where without forever family and no one wonted to adopt them was very hard, that's why she decided to go back to her homeland USA with one of traumatized dog form the shelter.

She asked to the organization about candidates who had a less chance of adoption in Georgia. The animals which were received in GSPSA's shelter with various traumas, now are cured and healthy but unfortunately no one wants to adopt them in Georgia. Nobody has a desire to gift them love and forever home instead of foreigners, so their future fate depends on only the kind hearted foreingners. "Suzi" who was choose from Arianna is one of them who had almost zero chance to being adopted. That's the good fortune for "Suzi".




"Suzi" was received On August 29, 2018, to the GSPSA shelter with the injured leg, a pointer mix, from the West Georgia region. The dog had a bad rear leg injury, which unfortunately needed to be amputated. Despite her 3 leg she's able to run, play, and walk like a 4 legged dog. "Suzi" has a unique character, she's friendly, funny, lovely and loves playing with people. But all animals are unique in the shelter and they're looking forward to find their forever loving families.



The company "zoomart" also get involved in Arianna's kind decision. According to GSPSA’s recommendation to the company “Zoomart” within the program #adoptfromshelter , a loyal friend has been awarded with a special carrier for traveling to America.

"Georgian Society for the Protection and Safety of Animals" is grateful to Arianna for her active participation and significant contribution to animal welfare in Georgia.





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