The company "Zoomart" awarded Ms. Marina and her four legged friend

Saturday May 25th, 2019

Within the framework of the initiative of the company “Zoomart” and recommendations of the “Georgian Society for the Protection and Safety of Animals” – GSPSA on 23rd May 2019, Zoomart awarded Marina Vartanova and her dog.

As Marina says it was one of the greatest decisions to adopt a dog from the shelter after their four-legged friend passed away.

"Many people give preference to breed dogs but  in fact, any four-legged friends love equally, I wanted a family to have one more animal that was waiting for the next owner, he is a full member of our family" - Marina Vartanova

"Zoomart" will a few times monthly award the pet owners, who adopted pets from the GSPSA's shelter and were considered caring responsible owners.

The goal of the project of “Zoomart” with hashtag #adoptfromashelter is to promote and encourage the adoption of animals who were abandoned or found in the streets because we think that we should not choose our friends depending on their breed and there are many animals who are already in need of homes.

If you want to adopt a dog and so have the most faithful friend, visit GSPSA website – Pets For Adoption.

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