New Management of Animal Monitoring Agency of Tbilisi City Hall Visited GSPSA Shelter

Friday March 16th, 2018

Director of Animal Monitoring Agency Mr. VakhtangLomjaria and his team visited GSPSA Traumatized Animal Shelter on March 14, 2018. The visitors became acquainted with the conditions in the shelter and expressed readiness for cooperation with GSPSA.

Traumatized mixed breed dog was transferred from Tbilisi Municipal Shelter to GSPSA shelter on the same day. The dog was shot on March 8 (Stray Dog Was Shot in Tbilisi). The shelter of Animal Monitoring Agency of Tbilisi City Hall facilitated emergency assistance to the dog in serious state: surgery was conducted. Unfortunately, amputation of front leg was necessary. The dog will undergo rehabilitation in GSPSA shelter.

GSPSA would like to thank the new management of Animal Monitoring Agency for correct approach to animal population control in Tbilisi and noteworthy humane attitude to stray animals.








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