The Company "Zoomart"​ awarded an American student and her three legged dog Suzi

Saturday March 23rd, 2019


On March 19, 2019, there was a special award. On this day, the company "Zoomart" awarded a young American girl Arianna Yolanda Ruiz. She had decided to take a three legged dog named Suzi to her homeland in USA.

According to GSPSA's recommendation to the company "Zoomart", a loyal friend has been awarded with a special carrier for traveling to America.

"Zoomart" will award the caring and responsible pet owners who adopted their pets from GSPSA's shelter. They are known to donate to different owners a few times a month.

The goal of the project of “Zoomart” with hashtag #adoptfromashelter is to promote and encourage the adoption of animals who were abandoned or found in the streets, because we think that we should not choose our friends depending on their breed and there are many animals who are already in need of homes.


Suzis story.

On August 29, 2018, the GSPSA shelter received the injured dog, a pointer mix, from the West Georgia region.

The dog had a bad rear leg injury, which unfortunately needed to be amputated. The amputation was performed by “New Veterinary Clinic”. She is already running on three legs. The dog is very loving and warm. She has easily adapted to animals and humans. We think that “Suzi” is a lost dog. Based on her character, she had a very good owner. Detailed information you can see here: .

Arianna and Suzi

Arianna Ruiz arrived in Tbilisi on January 10, 2019 as an exchange student to study at the San Diego State University Georgia (SDSU Georgia).

During her time volunteering at GSPSA's traumatized dog shelter, she decided to adopt a three legged Suzi and take to her homeland in California. Suzi and Arianna have a special relationship. She loves walking with Arianna. They are spending a good time together. Arianna makes Suzi happy and she often gives her a tasty and delicious dog snacks.

"Coming to Tbilisi to study abroad has been stressful but adopting Suzi has made it better. She is one of my favorite parts about coming to Georgia." says Arianna



The company "Zoomart" published an article where they had an interview with Arianna, which they shared with us.

- Why did you decide to adopt a dog from the shelter? Have you had a pet before?

- I decided to adopt a dog because i noticed as soon as i arrived in Georgia that there were a lot of stray dogs. I was planning to adopt a dog when i arrived back in America, but i discovered GSPSA. I met Suzi and i fell in love with her, so i decided to not wait and adopt a dog now. Yes, i have had pets before. My family has a chihuahua and two birds back in America.

- If person is not able to adopt a dog how can she/he contribute in their well being? Have you done volunteering job for it?

- If a person can't adopt a dog they should try and volunteer at their local shelter. The dogs enjoy socializing with people. I have volunteered at a cat shelter back in America, and it was our job to just pet the cats. whenever i go visit GSPSA all the dogs run up to me and demand my attention. Animals usually enjoy having attention from people. And if a person can't volunteer, then they should donate dog food or dog toys to their local shelter. Back at home, my family owns a chihuahua, but she is my parents' dog. I have been planning to adopt a dog on my own for a while since i hope to move out of my parents' home soon and i don't want to live alone. A house without a dog feels empty.

- What Suzi means for you?

- When i met Suzi, i adored her. She was very playful and loves sitting with me on a patch of grass after a long walk. Coming to Tbilisi to study abroad has been

stressful but adopting Suzi has made it better. She is one of my favorite parts about coming to Georgia.

- What would you tell to the people who still hesitate about adoption of the dog from shelter?

- If person is hesitating to adopt, i only recommend asking themselves two questions. Can they afford a dog? And can they make time for them when they are home? If yes, they they should adopt a dog. Not only can dogs be stress relievers, but they are house guardians, cuddle buddies, and all-around man's best friends. Not only will adopting a dog improve their life, but they are also giving a dog second chance a better life.

Photo Gallery of their story.

If you want to adopt a pet from our shelter you should visit  GSPSA's animal shelter website.



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