Attack on GSPSA Animal Shelter


Animal hater destroyed windows of veterinary-rehabilitation center (animal shelter of the Society for the Protection and Safety of Animals) located in 2 Micro-Rayon of Nutsubidze Plateau (Tbilisi, Georgia) and threw concrete debris in the area with dog enclosures and space for walks presumably aiming at animals in the morning of June 4, 2016. The crime was conducted when shelter staff was absent from the shelter – they were out to bring food for animals. When the staff returned glass fragments and stones were on the floor in the area of animal enclosures. Police was called. The police identified individual G. Mosiashvili who confessed to the deed, namely, that he threw stones to the animal shelter, broke windows and damaged the property of the society.

The police invited employees of criminal division who examined the shelter, took photos and collected evidence as prescribed by law. According to the law, the case was sent to the respective investigation unit of the police. The chairman of GSPSA Teimuraz Tsikoridze provided the investigators with detailed information and requested full investigation, identification of the criminals and incrimination with the maximal sanctions prescribed by law. The suspect was interviewed by the police. According to the chairman of GSPSA, the aim of the crime was to damage animals which could have resulted in casualties. In addition, due to throwing large stones, shelter staff could have been wounded as well. Fortunately, animals did not show any traumas or damage.

GSPSA chairman connects the fact with animal cruelty committed in the vicinities on May 4 (A Community Dog Was Shot in Tbilisi) and does not exclude the possibility that the community dog was shot by the same person or by his order. GSPSA chairman will appeal to the prosecutor’s office with the request of maximal control of these cases in the nearest future.

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