Employee of Security Company Algani Ruthlessly Beats a Stray Dog

Monday November 7th, 2016

Security staff of one of the supermarkets in Tbilisi – GL cruelly beat up a stray hungry dog lying at the entrance of the supermarket on November 5, 2016. The information and video was shared via Facebook by an eye witness the same day –

The animal abuser is an employee of security company Algani.

We spread the word of an eye witness who made the video:

“The video is only a part of the despicable torture. The dog was so abused and ruthlessly beaten by a stick and cornered, that the poor animal peed itself in fear. The abuser did not leave the dog alone even then.”

The eye witness writes on the Facebook page that she tried to stop the torture, but the abuser expressed aggression and insulted the lady. The lady called Animal Monitoring Agency of the Tbilisi City Hall, operative group of security company Algani and patrol police. Unfortunately, supermarket staff backed up the abuser and also were very aggressive and ironic towards the lady protecting the poor animal.

The police gathered facts and evidence. Animal Monitoring Agency transferred the dog to municipal shelter for veterinary aid and further rehabilitation.

GSPSA condemns animal abuse and urges law enforcement bodies to take the strictest measures against abuser.

GSPSA also appeals to organizations and individuals to abstain from cooperation and hiring security company Algani.

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