BEBI - mongrel,female

Saturday November 5th, 2016




Sex– Female (spayed)

Date of birth-2014


Character: funny, active, faithful, intelligent, cheerful

Health Condition: Healthy

Adobt condition:only guarantee superior conditions for care.The dog is accustomed to live outside, preferably with the house and yard.

Dog information (history)  see below

Bebi's photos in the shelter

During  the rehabilitation

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100_1075 100_1087

100_1086 100_0940

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Bebi's photos after the recovery.

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dsc_0223 dsc_0255

VIDEO - 05.11.2016

On june 21, 2015 we received injured dog  after car accident ,Bebi had broken spine and some other injuries. She couldn't walk.
After the vets made the X-ray analysis they said that the dog needed a rehabilitation period. There was only a small hope for the dog to walk again. Damages were very bad. There was only a small hope that the dog will pass again. Dog trainer of GSPSA, Irina Semenova, worked daily for Beby's exercises. After hard work, with Otar davitashvili's, help Bebi was able to walk. For now she can run and play all day long.

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