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Name: Bekeko
Breed: Metis
Gender: Male
Date of Birth: February 2022 (estimated)
Identifier:  963002100053669
Personality: Cheerful, friendly, easy-going.
Reason for intake: Weakened from injury and starvation.
Date received: August 2, 2022 - Animal Village "Richi".
Location of residence: Animal Village "Richi".
Health status: healthy, vaccinated, sterilized
Status: Owned by GSPSA.
Terms of donation: Only if the potential owner offers the animal high-level living conditions. The dog is used to living outside. A private house with a yard is preferred. It will be given as a gift only if a friendly dog lives with it.


"Bekeko" was found by members of the organization on the track in August 2022. He was weakened and traumatized. The puppy was about 7 months old.

"Bekeko" was transferred to a member of the organization for the first time. After recovery and strengthening, "Bekeko" was adopted by the Animal Village "Richi", where he still lives with his friend dog.

"Bekeko" is very funny and loves to play. He likes living in the animal village.

If you want to adopt an animal, please read the adoption rules and fill out the application form.

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