Joint cherity program by “Zoomart” and GSPSA #adoptfromashelter continues

Sunday April 18th, 2021

Since 2019 Within the framework of the initiative by company “Zoomart” and recommendations of “Georgian Society for the Protection and Safety of Animals” – GSPSA  Zoomart awarded the pet owners, who adopted their pets from shelter GSPSA and were considered as caring owners.

At this point, the three-legged Belka is the lucky one, a resident of the GSPSA “Traumatized Dog House,” who was admitted to the shelter in 2015. Belka lived for 6 years in a GSPSA shelter where she was not deprived of care and attention.

Belka, 3 months old, was found traumatized and in poor health condition. He recovered as a result of veterinary services and care but unfortunately needed a leg amputation.

Belka is a loving, smart, and problem-free dog. Her owner became Maria Peterson, a Swedish citizen, a member of the GSPSA. Maria had a working visit to Georgia in 2019 and often visited the shelter. For Maria, the extremely bad presence of animals in Georgia turned out to be difficult to bear, and she decided to take Belka to her home in Sweden.

Maria's blog: "Suffering beyond comprehension"

This welcome decision was joined by the company "Zoomart", which on April 15, 2021, presented Belka and her owner with a special container for transporting animals within the framework of the program #adoptfromashelter.

The goal of the project of “Zoomart” with hashtag #adoptfromashelter is to promote and encourage the adoption of animals who were abandoned or found in the streets because we think that we should not choose our friends depending on their breed and there are many animals who are already in need of homes.

Belka has already left Georgia with the traveling crate donated by Zoomart on April 17, where she is already waiting for her new owner Maria.

Photogallery of Belka:

2015 - Injured Belka was admitted to a shelter

2015-2021 - Belka is a resident of GSPSA "Traumatized Dog House" (shelter)


April 17, 2021 - Belka and traveling crate donated by Zoomart

April 17, 2021 - Belka is already in the Netherlands, where she will live temporarily, and then travel to Sweden with Maria.


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