Buta – mongrel, male

Breed- Mongrel
Name– BUTA


Date of birth –

Character:- meek, loving, funny, smart, energetic
The reason for receiving shelter – light quality damage
The time of receiving shelter – 14.10.2018
Health condition – healthy Status – homeless
Adopt condition – will be adopted only to the caring owner with only guarantee superior conditions for care.



On October 14, 2018, GSPSA was found a damaged puppy. A veterinary inspection resulted that the puppy had a light quality damage.We called him “Buta”. Buta is very clever, funny and energetic dog. When he will grow ,Buta’ll be a large breed dog.


The puppy will be adopted to the owner who will have the best conditions for puppy care.



If you wish to adopt a pet, please, read through Animal adoption policy and fill in Pet adoption requisition form.

If you have various cause and can’t adopt a dog, you have unique chance to get involved in the program of Guardian from Distance.

The shelter functions only on donations.
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