The chairman of the GSPSA applied with an official letter to the ombudsman of Georgia concerning the violations of law by the Tbilisi City Hall

Friday December 17th, 2010

On December 16, 2010 the Georgian Society for Protection and Safety of animals sent a letter of request to Tbilisi City Hall asking for information about homeless and stray animals in Tbilisi. The request was absolutely legal, but in spite of it the City Hall didn’t give any kind of information; they even didn’t give any explanation on why they had kept the public information in secret.

The Tbilisi City Hall should have given the information on the tender announced by the City Hall concerning the monitoring the population of homeless and stray animals (cats and dogs) in the Tbilisi streets, the information on the methods they use to isolate such animals and veterinarian aid given in case of necessity. They also should have given the information on the company “Debut” that had won the tender, and all the documentations concerning the agreements between the company and the Tbilisi City Hall.

In case the GSPSA gets the requested information, it will be quite clear that all the tenders have been announced violating legacy, the State funds were spent on the programs that never worked and the number of homeless and stray animals in the streets of the city didn’t reduce. At the same time there were cases of acts of violence towards animals, the cases of unnatural migration of stray animals and other negative things that took place. Besides there were also cases of law violation by the illegal veterinary services, lots of animal lovers have experienced emotional shock at seeing the methods the official veterinary services use while catching the animals or killing them at the spot. All this aroused anger and indignation among animal lovers and suspicion towards officials. The human rights and the rights of animals both have been violated.

Considering the fact that the Tbilisi City Hall ignores the legal request of the GSPSA, the chairman of the GSPSA Teimuraz Tsikoridze sent an official letter and appeal to Georgian ombudsman Giorgi Tughushi asking him to use his competence and make the Tbilisi City Hall give the requested information.

The Georgian Society for Protection and Safety of animals hopes that with the help of Georgian ombudsman and the international community they will be able to get the required information and go on with their struggle against the violence towards animals in Georgia.


The official ietter to the ombudsman of Georgia

The appeal to the ombudsman of Georgia

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