CHIPO-mongrel, male

Name– Chipo
Sex– Male
Date of birth-2010

Character: Funny, playful, headstrong

Health Condition: Healthy

Adopt condition:only guarantee superior conditions for care, only to live in the apartment with his best friend “second shelter dog”Knopka

Dog information (history)  see below


Chipo in the shelter

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Chipo got in GSPSA shelter from Tbilisi city  shelter hall’s in 2013.It was a small male with several mental health conditions.Dog had limbs twitching and nervous stress and wasn’t eating food.For now he lives at the office of GSPSA. He feels good. Chipo is very active and loving dog,he like to play with big dogs.Now Chipo is healthy,vaccinated and ready for adoption.It seems that the dog was living in the family and then ejected. Chipo will adopt only guarantee superior conditions for care.


photo – 2019



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