Conference – Management of Domestic Animal Populations in Tbilisi December 25th, 2009

Friday December 25th, 2009

On December 25th, 2009 “Georgian Society for Protection and Safety of Animals” held the conference dedicated to the theme “Management of Domestic Animal Population in the Cities of Georgia”. Among the participants of the Conference there were official representatives of Tbilisi “Sakrebulo” (Tbilisi city council), of Tbilisi municipality itself, non-governmental organizations for protection of animal rights, kynological unions and representatives of leading vet-clinics. The conference was held in the conference hall of the holding company “Vit-Georgia”. The representatives of non-government organizations admitted that improper programs in the sphere of the management of animal population in Georgian cities and especially in Tbilisi resulted in serious problems, the number of homeless animals has significantly increased, the contractor commercial firms exercise brutal actions towards animals and they exterminate them in an uncivilized way which is absolutely unlawful and contradicts to any civilized rules and norms. The delegates expressed their hope that next year Tbilisi municipality shall co-operate with non-government organizations engaged with protection of animals and they shall resolve all the problems together. The suggestions of Tbilisi municipality and “Sakrebulo” regarding mutual cooperation and resolution of the problems in a civilized way were welcome. It was denoted that Tbilisi “Sakrebulo” shall continue their work together with non-governmental organizations on the issues of resolution of animal overpopulaiton. Representatives of kynological unions and veterinary clinics also expressed their positions towards the discussed issues. The atmosphere of Conference was business like and friendly.





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